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                Guochao New Technology Co., Ltd.
                       Established on June 5th, 2000 and with a registered capital of 3.5 Million RMB, Guochao New Technology Co., Ltd. (GNTCL) is ranked as the state-level new and high technology
                enterprise and software enterprise. There is currently 162 staff in the company, including 9
                foreign experts (Japanese, Canadian). Over 95% of the staffs have college degree or above,Including English, Japanese, Russian, French translators amounting to 60. The company is well equipped with a total of more than 150 PC computers, Apple personal computers and Notebook computers; additionally, there are high-speed printers, professional scanners,multi-functional machines, etc. The company has eight departments, one agency, one training school and five subsidiary companies, namely, Pre-printing Design Department, Graph Managing Department, Software Developing Department, Manual Editing and Translation Department, News Editing and Translation Department, Planning & Business Department,General Undertaking Department, Financial Management Department; Bejing Agency;Guochao vocational training school; four Subsidiary Companies in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Currently, our company specializes in marketing, service and training, IT solutions, prepress design, planning, editing and translation of various instruction manuals,software developing and website construction, etc. the company is involved in the following developing fields: automobile, machine tool, forklift, loom, motor, sanitary ware, heavy machinery propagandist manual, mobile phone manual, etc., and can undertake a large amount of high-tech service outsourcing and high-end software research.
                         In April, 2002, Guochao New Technology Co., Ltd., together with Japanese Dadi Corporation
                and Japanese CMC Corporation founded a joint venture --- Shijiazhuang Dadi CMC Computer Creation Co., Ltd. In September, 2004, the company established "Tianjin Guochao Software Technology Co., Ltd", and in November, 2005, Guochao New Technology Co., Ltd. founded another joint venture --- Guangzhou Guochao CMC Info-Tech Co., Ltd. with Japanese CMC Corporation. Relying on talented personnel, complete hardware facilities, powerful service network and first-grade service quality, now the company is making unceasing efforts for the modernized business goal of “Regional top, Domestic ahead, International leading".
                General Manager's Speech:
                General Manager’s speech:
                        Computer is the extension of human brain; Software is the essence of human wisdom.Resorting to high and new technology, our human beings have stepped into a more cultivated,richer and more harmonious society. We, Xinji Guochao New Technology Co., Ltd, insist on the Company's Philosophy of " Offering High Quality Information ", carry out the Policy of Operation of " High Quality, High Speed, Low Cost, and Customer Satisfaction" and adopt employment principles of “Honesty, Effort and Modesty“. Through brand-new creativity and nimble idea from the customer's standpoint, we provide the customer with high quality and professional service all the time. We sincerely hope to share joy and tears with your company and cooperate with you on the basis of mutual benefit and win-win. Let's try our best to be domestic ahead and world-leading modern technological companies.
                Shijiazhuang Dadi CMC Computer Creation Co., Ltd.   Japanese CMC Corporation   Tianjin Guochao Software Technology Co., Ltd.   Guangzhou Guochao CMC Info - Tech Co., Ltd.   Hebei Science and Technology University  Hebei Normal University Hebei University of Economics and Business  Shijiazhuang Tiedao University
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